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Pro Tools User Certification

Take the first step in mastering Avid Pro Tools under the guidance of industry expert Wavy Wayne in Avid Education's certification program, finishing with the prestigious Avid Certified User for Pro Tools title, validating fundamental skills in recording, editing, mixing, and project completion.


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Pro Tools Operator Certification

Master the twists and turns of music production and discovering how Pro Tools can amplify your musical magic – from laying down tracks and fine-tuning edits to dropping some serious mixing and mastering skills.

This course requires completion of the Pro Tools User Certification.

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Dolby Atmos Music Production Certification

Embark on a sonic adventure in the Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Music Production Course, where you'll unlock the skills to elevate your music to new dimensions through immersive Dolby Atmos soundscapes.


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Learn Pro Tools the Wavy Way!


Wassup fam, I'm Wavy Wayne and I have been teaching recording and mixing engineers for over a decade. During this time, I have helped hundreds of engineers just like you earn Pro Tools Certification. 


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"...I started as a beginner and finished as an Avid Certified Professional..."


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What can you expect from Pro Tools Certification?

Pro Tools Certification will give you the confidence that comes with mastering your craft. You will be able to use Pro Tools without limitations and help you, your employers and your clients create faster and more freely. 

From Beginner to Professional

These Pro Tools courses are designed to take you from a basic understanding of audio to a truly Certified Professional. Even if you have years of experience, you will learn Pro TOols like never before.

Comprehensive Curicculum

Wether you want to start a career in music production, sound design, Dolby Atmos mixing or any other audio related field. Pro Tools Certification will set you on the platfor for succes. 

Professional Guidance

Unlike other online training programs that just dump pre recorded lessons on you, you will have interaction with your instructor who will guide you through the course and provide additional learning support.

Pro Tools User Certification


Includes Pro Tools Fundamentals I and Pro Tools Fundamentals II

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create a Pro Tools session document or cloud-enabled project with appropriate parameter settings
  • Incorporate proper recording and mixing techniques
  • Manage large track counts and multiple channels of simultaneous inputs and outputs
  • Create appropriate Pro Tools software and hardware settings
  • Select appropriate settings in the Playback Engine dialog 
  • Assess and integrate virtual instruments and specialized plugins
  • Analyze Elastic Audio processors and methods
  • Utilize Elastic Audio techniques MIDI Real-Time Properties
  • Incorporate automated mixing techniques 
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Pro Tools Operator Certification


Includes Pro Tools Production (Music) 201 and 210

 At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use alternate Edit tools and advanced editing techniques
  • Use advanced automation functions
  • Use submixing techniques
  • Work with VCA Master tracks
  • Understand a variety of common mixdown techniques 
  • Manage large track counts and multiple channels of simultaneous inputs and outputs
  • Assess and integrate virtual instruments and specialized plugins for specific music 
  • Utilize advanced recording techniques to capture multiple record takes in succession
  • Utilize Elastic Audio techniques MIDI Real-Time Properties
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Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Music Production Certification


Includes PT205D and PT210D

At the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Configure and use an external renderer
  • Import files in various ways, including pulling I/O configurations from the renderer, importing object track data from another session and importing ADM BWF as session data
  • Unlock a Master Files for punch-in and punch-out
  • Perform Offline Loudness Analysis
  • Set the Renderer Input Configuration
  • Understand Renderer Trim and Downmix Controls
  • Bounce a mix to an ADM BWF file
  • Configure Re-renders
  • Configure Binaural Render Mode
  • Work using industry preproduction and post-production best practices
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 This certification signifies your mastery of Avid's Pro Tools, a leading digital audio workstation. You will gain proficiency in recording, editing, and mixing audio, enabling you to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of music and sound production. The certification not only validates your technical expertise but also opens doors to diverse opportunities in the professional audio industry, empowering you to pursue a successful career as a skilled and recognized audio professional.

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